Okinawa Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do

Shinyu-Gushi image

Shinyu Gushi

Uechi Ryu 10th Dan Hanshi

Shinyu Gushi started his training in Uechi-Ryu over 50 years ago with Saburo Uehara (a direct student of Kanbun Uechi). He also studied Uechi-Ryu with Seiyu Shinjo (also a direct student of Kanbun Uechi) and Seiko Itokazu. He studied Kobudo (weapons) with Akamine Shoichi and Seiko Itokazu (Kobudo style mainly Matayoshi based).

Tsutomu-Nakahodo image

Tsutomu Nakahodo

Uechi Ryu 10th Dan Hanshi

One of the most senior black belts of Seiyu Shinjo is Tsutomu Nakahodo, born November 25, 1933. He first started karate training under Seiko Toyama in 1955, and became a student of the Kadena dojo in 1960. Mr. Nakahodo is referred to as “Popeye,” because of his massive forearms and brute strength.